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2003-06-20 - 12:20 a.m.

Oh gosh its been a while since I wrote in here.. sorry about that. Everything has been going great, Been working on pictures hours on end and been going out alot latly too. Alwasys something exciting. So much to tell but have no idea where to start.. I think i'll eventually talk about it as time goes by but I'll do a breif summary. Met a girl who caught my attention but whose been going though some drama in her life. Went to a lingerie store with a freind for her to try out differnt outfits to get some ideas for differnt photoshoots, then went to a strip club with her since she never been to one before. Kinda happy to say I was her first to take her there. lol. Hmm what else has been going on.. Work has been very busy. Been trying to do the gym alot more but been slacking cause of work... Few of my friends decided to get boob jobs so I thought that was funny since it seems boob jobs seem to be in season. lol. I just know this is gonna be an interesting summer. OH i bought my satin sheets finally.. God they feel so good. Already slept in them naked and didnt want to get out. lol. Well i'll write more soon. I'll ttyl all.


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